Forum for Asian Insolvency Reform - FAIR

INSOL International and the World Bank Group were delighted to announce that the 2018 Forum for Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR) took place in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2018. The FAIR was co-hosted by the Ministry of Justice and the Court of Justice of Thailand. 

The theme for the event was ‘Making progress in an uncertain global economy’. Global growth was projected to strengthen in 2018-19, which was important in the Asia region, as increasing trade is key to ending extreme poverty, which still blights parts of the region, and boosting shared prosperity.  This is fragile: there remain risks of increased trade protectionism; elevated economic policy uncertainty; the possibility of financial market disruptions; and, over the longer term, weaker potential growth. At the same time, countries are competing for their share of the global market and spending increased sums on infrastructure. The 2018 FAIR will explore the development of the insolvency and restructuring regimes that play an essential role contributing to financial sector stability and the protection of creditor rights and the ways in which access to credit can be enhanced. 

This was the 11th FAIR, and the third to take place in Thailand, which was established by the OECD, the World Bank Group and INSOL International. The objective of the meeting was to: 

-           Provide a platform for a high level dialogue between ministry officials and others involved in the development of insolvency, creditor rights and restructuring law and practice, including representatives of the World Bank Group and regional development organisations focusing on insolvency reform in the Asia Pacific region.

-           Set up a forum for a coordinated approach by international bodies, countries and experts by sharing experience and knowledge.

-           Elevate insolvency and restructuring reform on the Asian policy agenda. 

Attendance at FAIR is by invitation only. Places are strictly limited to facilitate meaningful discussion between policy makers, judges, regulators, practitioners and lenders on insolvency reform across Asia. There is no assurance that all parties who register an interest will be able to be accommodated. 

Delegations are invited to register their interest as soon as possible with:

Susannah Thomson
INSOL International 
6-7 Queen Street 
London EC4N 1SP UK  
Tel: +44 (0) 207 248 3333  
Fax: +44 (0) 207 248 3384 
E: Susannah.Thomson@insol.org

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