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Mr. Eric Jourdanet
Mr. Eric Jourdanet
International Finance Corporation (IFC)


Eric Jourdanet, as Director of the Special Operations Department of the International Finance Corporation, leads a group of senior workout specialists, ensuring resolution of IFC’s problem projects globally as well as capturing and disseminating lessons of experience.  As a member of the Risk & Financial Sustainability Vice Presidency, Eric Jourdanet also contributes to the management of IFC and overall risk and financial objectives.


In his previous position from 2002, Eric Jourdanet, as Chief Special Operations Officer, was in charge of financial restructurings of IFC portfolio projects.  Over the years, he developed extensive workout experience, having led some of the most complex and high profile distressed projects for IFC dealing with the whole gamut of restructuring situations across sectors and regions.


In 1998, Eric Jourdanet joined the IFC Oil, Gas and Chemicals Department of the IFC, working on transactions globally.  Prior to joining IFC, Eric Jourdanet spent 8 years at BNP Paribas based in Paris, specializing in private equity, covering technology and telecom sectors.


Eric Jourdanet holds a degree in engineering from the “Ecole des Mines” and graduated from the “Institut d’Etudes Politiques”.  He is a Fellow of INSOL International, the leading insolvency association.