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Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

Sullivan & Cromwell LLP (“S&C”) has provided the highest quality legal representation to clients around the world for over 140 years. Today, S&C is a leader in each of its core practice areas and geographic markets. We regularly advise on the world’s most complex transactions, reorgnanizations, environmental, social and corporate governance matters and business disputes.

S&C has been involved in the most significant restructuring matters in recent years around the world and is trusted by debtors, creditors, investors, boards and government actors to deliver practical and straightforward advice in the most complicated situations. These strengths have never been more relevant than during the COVID-19 pandemic with its unprecedented impact on businesses across the globe.  Our restructuring assignments range from large debtor and sovereign representations to distressed M&A for both buyers and sellers and from out of court recapitalizations to in court contested matters.  To each assignment, we bring nimble teams of experienced and versatile lawyers allowing us to achieve consistently superior results for our clients.

Our approach to restructuring is characterized by:

  • Multidisciplinary Excellence. Few firms match the quality of S&C across all major corporate, litigation and regulatory disciplines. S&C is unique in its ability to handle all elements of a corporate restructuring – whether or not an insolvency proceeding is involved – with world-class resources, wherever the matter arises.
  • Innovative Techniques. We approach restructurings as sophisticated deal lawyers, with broad experience in corporate law and global transactional practice. We are equally comfortable with in court and out of court execution paths.
  • Going Concern Reorganizations. We specialize in fast and efficient going concern reorganizations, and our mindset, culture and toolbox reflect this emphasis.
  • Distressed Litigation. When disputes arise in the reorganization context, we call on the substantial resources of one of the world’s leading litigation practices.

S&C’s 875 lawyers serve clients around the world through a network of 13 offices, located in leading financial centers in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States.

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