Legislative & Regulatory Group

Legislative & Regulatory Group

Next INSOL International / World Bank Group Legislative & Regulatory Colloquium:

22 May 2024 - San Diego, USA

The next L&R Colloquium will be held alongside INSOL San Diego on Wednesday 22 May 2024.  The steering committee are working on the technical programme looking at a number of issues of relevance to those involved in legislating or regulating the insolvency and restructuring profession. The programme will be available to view here shortly.

All full-time legislators and regulators attending the L&R Colloquium are invited to attend the INSOL San Diego conference on 22-24 May 2024 including the social functions at no cost.  

If you are a legislator or regulator and would like to attend the colloquium either in person or virtually, please contact Susannah Thomson:

Contact Susannah Thomson

Attendance at the L&R Colloquium is by invitation only.

The strategic objective of the INSOL International / World Bank Group Legislative and Regulatory Group is to provide a unique forum for those responsible for drafting, enacting and enforcing the laws and rules governing their country’s insolvency and restructuring processes. We are delighted that the World Bank Group has partnered with INSOL International on this important initiative.

The inaugural meeting took place in 2018 alongside INSOL’s New York Conference, with further meetings held in Singapore (2019), London (2022) and Tokyo (2023).

The fourth Legislative and Regulatory Colloquium was held alongside the INSOL London conference on 26 June 2022. The fifth Colloquium was held alongside INSOL Toyko on 13 September 2023.

A unique feature of this forum, which distinguishes it from other intergovernmental networks and associations, is that the Legislative and Regulatory Colloquium also enables its members to hear and learn from not only their peers in other nations, but from practitioners, academics and the judiciary from around the globe.

Mission Statement

The Legislative & Regulatory forum will allow insolvency regulators and legislators to work together with practitioners, judiciary, academics and others working professionally within the insolvency environment to:

  • consider and discuss how national substantive insolvency laws and rules can be improved to facilitate cross-border cooperation;
  • develop frameworks for pre-insolvency proceedings, including discussing and sharing best practices for restructuring and rehabilitating debtors, where possible;
  • recognise areas of common ground in furtherance of comity, and advancing the recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings; 
  • identify opportunities for the harmonisation of insolvency laws and the resolution of conflicts of law; 
  • facilitate educational training and capacity building;
  • provide an opportunity to consider current and future challenges and opportunities including the use of technology and data, improvements in effectiveness and/or efficiency, and regulation of the profession; and 
  • to provide a platform to share understanding and best practice with practitioners to create a better awareness of each other’s purposes and objectives.

Insolvency laws and the regulation of those laws and rules are the cornerstones in the promotion of world leading restructuring and insolvency systems in developed and developing legal systems. In furtherance of INSOL International's vision, the Legislative and Regulatory Colloquium provides the platform for its members, working together with other stakeholders in the area of bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring, to build on their important role in promulgating consistency and predictability in cross-border insolvency matters.  

Global in its reach and diverse in its composition, INSOL International is exceptional amongst international professional organisations. INSOL International recognises that its vision to promote and support the design and development of world leading restructuring and insolvency systems can only be achieved with input, commitment, thought leadership and engagement from all constituents in the insolvency and restructuring community, including practitioners, national professional associations, academics, the judiciary, and legislators and regulators working in the area of bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring.

Virtual Live Fora

INSOL International and the World Bank Group are pleased to present a series of Live Forum broadcasts, providing a platform for legislators and regulators to discuss current issues whilst facilitating global networking and knowledge sharing. 

You can view videos of our past fora and webinars on the pages below:


Members of the judiciary, legislators and regulators can become members of INSOL International for an annual fee of GBP30.00, giving you full access to:

  • Technical Library
     Access a wealth of comprehensive reports and publications, plus your exclusive quarterly members' journal, online.
  • Global Network
     Connect with an international network of peers online and through an impressive programme of global events.
  • Education
     A range of internationally recognised qualifications tailored to the international insolvency industry.

Find out more about becoming a member of INSOL International below, or contact Jelena Wenlock:

Membership Information

Contact Jelena Wenlock

Legislative & Regulatory Group Committee

Andres Martinez
INSOL Fellow, Chair
World Bank Group
Theoni Alampasi
Ministry of Finance
Dr Hussam Sameer Altalhuni
Ministry of Finance
United Arab Emirates
Dean Beale
The Insolvency Service
Don Bernstein
Davis Polk & Wardwell
Dean BealeThe Insolvency ServiceUK
Prabha ChinienConsultant to Registrar of CompaniesMauritius
Tim ColeAustralian Financial Services AuthorityAustralia
Sandip Garg
Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India
Susana Hidvegi Arango
INSOL Fellow
Former Superintendent of CompaniesColombia
Francis NgMinistry of LawSingapore
Radovan PalaTaylorWessingSlovakia
Rodrigo RodgriguezFederal Supervisory Authority on InsolvencySwitzerland
Pal Sziranyi
EU Commission

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