INSOL International is a world-wide federation of national associations of accountants and lawyers who specialise in turnaround and insolvency.

INSOL International

INSOL International is a world-wide federation of national associations of accountants and lawyers who specialise in turnaround and insolvency. There are currently over 44 Member Associations with over 12,000 professionals participating as members of INSOL International. Individuals who are not members of a member association join as individual members.

INSOL International also has ancillary groups that represent the judiciary, regulators, lenders and academics. These groups play an invaluable role within INSOL International and provide valuable forums for discussions of mutual problems.

INSOL International's Vision and Purpose

OUR VISION: The INSOL International vision is to be the global association for restructuring and insolvency professionals operating in every country. We influence global restructuring and insolvency practice and policy, supported by a membership who share a global perspective.

The INSOL International Vision is an aspiration we strive for on a continuing basis. It is not something that will be achieved in the life of this Strategic Plan, this Board, or many of the current membership.

A dynamic global economy needs dynamic global restructuring and insolvency solutions. We know that some jurisdictions are highly sophisticated and experienced in their use of restructuring and insolvency systems while others are at the outset of their journey. It is not enough to focus on a smaller number of jurisdictions when there are many who need help. Taking a genuinely global mindset in the 21st Century makes sense.

A global economy where cross-border commercial transactions can occur with minimised risk and value protected as far as possible is an ideal worth pursuing. There is much to be accomplished and a clear focus is required. It’s the right thing to do for future generations.

OUR PURPOSE: A member-driven network maximising global economic value by improving solutions to cross-border issues, advancing restructuring and insolvency systems through the deep expertise of our members.

INSOL International exists to support its members wherever they may be and in whatever role they perform in the restructuring and insolvency profession.

The origins of INSOL International were modest. We take a global view of membership and a global view of the value we can add for our members and the profession.

The "what and how" of INSOL International activities constantly expands in response to our market. In essence, it focuses on improving restructuring and insolvency solutions where cross-border issues dominate. Those activities often include sharing knowledge and ideas that will further commercial objectives, developing networking contacts through facilitating cross-border business opportunities, and helping support the global economy. We know that nationally based restructuring and insolvency issues are best handled by national level Associations and other member groups.

Importantly, we rely on the generous contribution of expertise and time from our membership and the Group of Thirty-Six (G36). This is the powerful engine room of the growth and impact we aspire to achieve in global restructuring and insolvency.