African Initiatives

African Initiatives

INSOL International has a significant membership base in Africa. INSOL members, insolvency practitioners, judges and other stakeholders from the region participating in INSOL activities have demonstrated keen interest in learning from the experience of other countries. INSOL International and other international bodies have received requests for assistance to work towards the improvement of the insolvency systems in the various countries in the region. 

INSOL International is committed to developing fora for African practitioners, regulators, the judiciary and policy makers: to network and discuss common themes with a view to improving insolvency systems and best practice across Sub-Saharan Africa.  We have two flagship initiatives:

Africa Round Table

INSOL International launched the first Africa Round Table in Abuja, Nigeria 2010 co-hosted with World Bank Group. Our annual Africa Round Table has been held in Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia and Rwanda. As well as virtual ARTs in the pandemic years. 

The African Advisory Council

Established in 2023 the council is committed to developing communication between insolvency organisations across Africa.