Insolvency Practitioners Group (IPG)

Insolvency Practitioners Group (IPG)

INSOL International Insolvency Practitioners Group

The INSOL Insolvency Practitioners Group (INSOL IPG) attracts a wider grouping of INSOL members engaged in appointment taking in insolvency mandates. The group includes both Insolvency Practitioners and their advisors. Established in 2021, IPG provides a highly focused grouping of Insolvency Practitioners from all sized firms and where members can engage, on an ongoing basis, with like-minded professionals on cutting edge and practical issues relevant to the manner in which Insolvency Practitioners conduct their work across the globe. The IPG aims to attract INSOL International members from multiple jurisdictions who are interested and focused on the ongoing and practical challenges that appointment takers deal with, in fulfilling the terms and expectations of their mandate.

The aim of the IPG is to get practitioners into the room to discuss multiple and varied areas of concern and to learn from each other in promoting and enhancing the objective of maximising returns for all stakeholders.

Issues that IPG intends to consider are highly relevant to practice, and includes ; conflicts that arise in taking appointments; financing the rescue; personal liability of practitioners; scope and efficacy of insurance cover; challenges in dealing with multiple stakeholders creditors engagement, cancellation of onerous contracts, levels of fees and charging of success fees; conducting investigations; publishing and approval of the restructuring plan; data protection, environmental issues, employment related issues, and the valuation of and disposal of assets.

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The Group is open to all Insolvency Practitioners that are members of INSOL International, irrespective of the size of the Insolvency Practitioner's firm or the complexity of the insolvency / restructuring appointment that are undertaken. 

Registration of members must take place with INSOL International and through INSOL 's membership application platform for INSOL IPG. 

Publications and Vlogs

Members of IPG will have the opportunity to participate in a series of Video Logs (Vlogs), and to develop and publish technical papers and lead technical projects. 

IPG will bring members up to date with events and news affecting the work of this group. 

Conferences, networking, and other events 

The Group will present at INSOL webinars, seminars, conferences and networking events.  The opportunity to engage and network with appointment takers and their advisors at these events is a key focus.

As Chairperson of INSOL IPG, the future is bright and very exciting. We hope to see more of our INSOL members join us in the near future.

Dr Eric Levenstein
Chair of INSOL IPG