Forum on Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR)

Forum on Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR)

Next FAIR Event: 

26 and 27 September 2024
Hosted by the Ministry of Law of Singapore in partnership with INSOL International and the World Bank Group, with the support of the IMF and UNCITRAL 

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About FAIR

The Forum on Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR) was established by the World Bank Group, INSOL International and other institutions, following the Asian Financial Crisis of the late 1990s. The first meeting was convened in 2001. The objective of the meeting is to: 

  • Provide a platform for a high-level dialogue between ministry officials and others involved in the development of insolvency, creditor rights and restructuring law and practice, including representatives of the World Bank Group and regional development organisations focusing on insolvency reform in the Asia Pacific region. 
  • Set up a forum for a coordinated approach by international bodies, countries and experts by sharing experience and knowledge. 
  • Elevate insolvency and restructuring reform on the Asian policy agenda. 

Attendance is by invitation only. Places are strictly limited to facilitate meaningful discussion between policy makers, judges, regulators, practitioners and lenders from the many nations in the region.

Insolvency systems play a major role in modern market economy development. Strong insolvency systems contribute to the efficient use of resources and hence economic growth. They also help underpin investor confidence and financial stability and have been shown to have a major influence on inbound investment.

Notwithstanding impressive progress with reforms in Asia, insolvency related issues remain a major concern for the region. The sheer volume of company debt overhang and the gap between insolvency rules and their practical implementation suggest that insolvency reform should remain at the top of the policy agenda. This is particularly so for the MSME sectors of economics for which few workable restructuring procedures have been developed. 

Asia is a vast region with diverse legal systems and practices.  Some multilateral bodies are engaged in insolvency reforms in individual countries, and others are working for the benefit of the insolvency industry in the region. The knowledge, experience, and resources available within these global institutions and bodies can be optimised by way of a coordinated regional effort, aimed at addressing the needs of the economies of the nation states in the region. 


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