Latin America Round Table

Latin America Round Table


Next INSOL International / World Bank Group Latin America Round Table:

Our next Latin America Round Table will be held in Cartagena, Colombia on 11 March 2024 before our Cartagena Seminar

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INSOL International has a significant membership base in Latin America and INSOL International members, Regulators, law-makers, insolvency practitioners, judges and other stakeholders from the region participating in INSOL International activities have demonstrated keen interest in learning from the experience of other countries. The World Bank Group is the largest provider of assistance to countries in Latin America on the improvement of the insolvency systems in the various countries in the region.

The creation of the Latin America Round Table was discussed by the World Bank Group, INSOL International and other institutions, during INSOL International’s Annual Conference in London in 2022. The objective of the meeting is to:

  • Provide a platform for a high-level dialogue between private sector actors, policymakers, academia and the judiciary on issues relating to insolvency, creditor rights and restructuring law and practice.
  • Set up a forum for coordination amongst international bodies, countries, and experts by sharing experience and knowledge.
  • Elevate insolvency and restructuring reform on the Latin America policy agenda.
  • Encourage insolvency policymakers and professionals to establish an annual forum to stimulate discussion and learning across the region.

Attendance is by invitation only. Participation is strictly limited to facilitate meaningful discussion between the relevant stakeholders in the region and to maximize the participation of a diverse group of jurisdictions and stakeholders. Insolvency systems play a major role in modern market economy development. Strong insolvency systems contribute to the efficient use of resources and hence economic growth. They also help underpin investor confidence and financial stability and have been shown to have a major influence on inbound investment. 

On the 2 March 2023, INSOL International held our Latin America Seminar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. INSOL International and The World Bank Group hosted the first Latin America Roundtable in conjunction with this event on 1 March 2023.

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The themes desired for these meetings are varied, ranging from the role of the judiciary in domestic and cross-border insolvencies and facilitating court-to-court cooperation; to maximising the value of non-performing assets; and achieving effective and efficient insolvency regimes for small and medium enterprises. The focus, however, remains on developing insolvency and restructuring regimes across the Latin America region.

Participation in the INSOL International & World Bank Group Latin America Round Table is by invitation only.