INSOL International Global Insolvency Practice Course

The Global Insolvency Practice Course is a result of the large interest that the INSOL membership demonstrated for an advanced educational qualification focusing on international insolvency. The qualification received will bestow a Fellowship from INSOL International.

In the light of the current economic crisis that many countries are facing and with the fast growing number of cross-border insolvency cases and the adoption in many jurisdictions of international insolvency rules and provisions, the turnaround and insolvency profession faces increasing new challenges. Practitioners and turnaround experts need to have extensive knowledge of the transnational and international aspects of legal and financial problems of business in distress. The Global Insolvency Practice Course provides this knowledge.

The style of the Fellowship programme is intensive, carried out over three short periods, so those taking the course must dedicate their time and energy needed to get the most out of the opprtunity.  Many sessions are interactive and each requires the full attention of the participants.

For further information please contact Heather Callow
INSOL International (+44) 0207 248 3333 or email - heather@insol.ision.co.uk



Technical Electronic Newsletter

All members receive our monthly electronic newsletter.

In these, we cover global case decisions, new and pending legislation, journal articles, news, deal information and any other information of interest to our members. The newsletter has a format that provides links to the full details of the articles.

Professor Ronald W Harmer Bursary 

INSOL International offers a bursary in each class to enable a judge or a regulator from an emerging country to participate on the course. The bursary has been named the Professor Ronald W Harmer Bursary to mark the enormous contribution made by Ron to academic learning in international and comparative insolvency law, most recently as a Professor at University College London, where he worked with Professor Ian Fletcher. For details of the bursary please contact heather@insol.ision.co.uk

The Stephen Adamson Award
In association with Redress Solutions PLC

We are delighted to announce the creation of this new award which will be presented to the GIPC First in Class.

The award will ne made annually to the first in class of the Global Insolvency Practice Course (GIPC), in memory of Stephen Adamson, kindly sponsored by Redress Solutions where Stephen was a Chairman from 2007.  First and foremost, Redress is honouring Stephen's memory in a manner that reflects his connection with INSOL.

Redress Solutions PLC is proud to honour the memory of Stephen through the GIPC where the future leaders of the profession he so loved are making their way in the turnaround and insolvency profession. Award Details