Fellows Benefits

The outcome of the participation in the Global Insolvency Practice Programme is a certification honouring the candidate with the designation INSOL Fellow.


Other outcomes include:

  • + Listing the candidate’s name on INSOL International’s website as a INSOL Fellow;
  • +Press release of the results of the course, to be sent to a selected group of reviews and magazines on turnaround and insolvency, two of which may be chosen by the candidate;
  • +Press release of the results of the course, to be sent to two professional organisations.
  • +Participants that are awarded the Fellowship have an awareness of the mechanics of how international insolvency issues in a large part of the world are solved. They will have an increased understanding of the complexity of related questions and the principles underlying possible solutions, allowing them to make continuing and useful contributions to the improvement of the services to clients and other interested parties.
  • +A participant’s credibility as an expert in matters of international insolvency will be recognised.
  • +Fellows will receive a 30% discount on INSOL Seminars/Conferences/Quadrennial delegate fees for a set period of three years.
  • +The participant who is first in class will be allocated a free delegate’s place at an INSOL Conference as a prize for being first in class and awarded the Stephen Adamson Award.
  • +The top three Fellows will be recognised as passing with honours.
  • +An awards ceremony where certificates will be awarded will take place at INSOL's Annual Conference.
  • +Successful candidates after completing the programme will be able to use the title INSOL Fellow in all their professional publicity.
  • +Participants who successfully complete the programme automatically become members of the INSOL International Fellowship Association.

Completion of the course is the only way to obtain an INSOL Fellowship. Further information about the Global Insolvency Practice Programme contact Heather Callow: heather@insol.ision.co.uk

Technical Electronic Newsletter

All members receive our monthly electronic newsletter.

In these, we cover global case decisions, new and pending legislation, journal articles, news, deal information and any other information of interest to our members. The newsletter has a format that provides links to the full details of the articles.

INSOL Conferences

All Fellows will receive a 30% discount off future INSOL conferences delegate fees for a three year period.

Fellows Website

A secure separate site on INSOL web site to include contact details and bios of Fellows. The site will also have an area for Fellows to post details of any cases they have worked on or other developments in their region that might be of interest to others. It will also include a section for forthcoming events/meetings.

Networking events

Existing fellows will be invited to dinner with new intake of Fellows at each module.

There will be a Fellows table at INSOL conference dinners. INSOL will arrange a reception or dinner, where possible, for fellows in the region where INSOL may be hosting either conference/seminar/training course/board meeting or other.

Fellows will be invited to participate in Younger/New Members’ reception during a conference as ambassadors of INSOL. INSOL will look to arrange specific formal educational or social programmes at INSOL Conferences for the benefit of Fellows.

Exact details to be decided by the Fellow Committee. As the number of Fellows increases INSOL will look to host more dedicated events.

INSOL Directory

Fellows will have a specific page in the INSOL annual directory listing their contact details. The directory is sent to over 10,000 INSOL members world-wide.

INSOL World, the quarterly journal of INSOL International

Fellows are requested to submit articles for the Fellows section in INSOL World.


Qualifying Fellows details are listed in the Final Folder of the INSOL conference where they will receive their certificates.

Fellows Events
Date/Time Event Sponors Location
Saturday 14th March 2020
6.30pm - 9.30pm
INSOL Fellows - Reception   

Cape Town


Sunday 15th March 2020
9am - 1pm
1pm - 2pm
INSOL Fellow Forum    Cape Town International Convention Centre