Changing industry, shifting priorities

Challenges are opportunities

Challenges are opportunities

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Challenges and opportunities are often either side of a coin. Globally, attracting, developing and retaining staff is the major challenge across the industry. Winning business, Increased complexity and Technology are other top challenges. Challenges and opportunities vary by gender, region, and size of enterprise. The strength of the challenge to recruit, develop and retain staff might be reflected in the low levels of early career membership of INSOL International. 

58% nominate staffing as a top 3 challenge

This is more likely in large divisions and large enterprises and medium sized firms. 

49% nominate winning business as a top 3 challenge

Winning business ranks #1 for small firms and solo practitioners, and #2 for medium to large enterprises and divisions of large enterprises. 

42% nominate increased complexity as a top 3 challenge

Increased complexity is more pressing for men, ranks 4 than for women, ranks 3


Managing systems and processes with rapidly changing technology is more pressing for women, ranks 3 than for men, ranks 4

The top ranked issue varies by region

Africa 56% nominate increased complexity, Asia 50% nominate equally staffing and technology followed by 48% nominating increased complexity, winning business and skills and knowledge, Europe 64% nominate staffing, Latin America & the Caribbean 64% nominate staffing, North America 65% nominate staffing, Oceania 61% nominate winning business

Knowledge & skills

Knowledge and skills is most pressing for solo practitioners ranks 4, and then divisions of large enterprises ranks 5

Leading and increasing diversity

More women 27% than men 19% nominated leading and increasing diversity in their top 3 challenges and opportunities.
We need to invest and engage to build the pipeline of next generation professionals - Past President