Changing industry, shifting priorities

Equipping you for the future

Equipping you for the future

We'll be focusing on your priorities

Members look to INSOL International for a broad range of services that help you connect within your profession and ecosystem, build capability and shape systems and services

Your priorities for our services

Members look to INSOL International for a broad range of services across networking, professional development, institutional frameworks, technical education, industry advocacy, industry brand and trust, regional activity and research and market insights.


Professional development

Institutional frameworks

Technical education

Industry advocacy, Brand & trust, Regional activity

Research & market insights

62% of members rank professional development as the #2 contribution INSOL International can make in this decade

Your priorities for your professional development

Member professional development priorities shift across the five stages of a professional career. Business development and networking is priority one or two for all career stages. Cross-border qualifications are number one priority in early career and in retirement and number two whilst studying. Global trends, leadership skills and practice management increase in importance across early, mid and late career. 

The five stages of our working life bring shifting professional development needs

Member's top 5 professional development priorities are listed for career stage by the weighted average.


Business development & networking 7. Cross-border qualifications 6. Leadership skills 5.5. Global trends 5.

Early career

Cross-border qualifications 6.1. Business development & networking 5.9. Global trends 5.4. Leadership skills 4.7.

Mid career

Business development & networking 7. Leadership skills 5.2. Global trends 5.1. Practice | organisation management 4.6.

Late career

Business development & networking 6.8. Global trends 5.3. Leadership skills 4.8. New case law 4.8. Practice | Organisation management 4.8.


Cross-border qualifications 6.3. Global trends 6.3. Business development & networking 6. Leadership skills 5.8.

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