Changing industry, shifting priorities

Shaping our strategy

Shaping our strategy

How does INSOL International equip members for the future?

The Board is exploring how we maximise value at velocity

  • How do we engage our community in leading innovation, rather than being disrupted by it?
  • How do we offer value to members in all types of practice and size of enterprise?
  • How do we support members to pivot as global service needs and systems change?

  • How do we leverage member expertise to shape global systems?
  • How do we partner to bring world quality leadership and practice management in a professional development offering?
  • How do we support members to manage the ethical dimensions of our work?

Our journey of consultation to refresh our strategy

Stategic frame

Project mandate and consultation approach starting with a Board discussion of the strategic issues we see to 2030

INSOL leaders

Board led interviews with 16 Member Associations 19 G36 members 4 partners 2 Colloquias 9 Committees 3 former Presidents

Staff perspectives

1:1 interviews and a workshop to reflect on T21 success, and trends that will shape members needs and INSOL services in the future, followed by a workshop to explore strategy and opportunities

Global survey

Invitation to 8,500 members to share their perspectives with us - we received 510 responses

Strategy workshops

Workshops to apply member inputs to shape our services in leading our community, building capability, leading our industry and leading our Association


Our strategy, INSOL 2030 will be launched at our international conference in London in June, 2022.

The INSOL International Board thanks everyone who has contributed time and thought to this work

Member insights inform INSOL 2030 - a strategy for engaging our community in networking and collaboration, building capability at individual, firm and system levels and leading our industry with a credible voice. - Scott Atkins, President