Diverse perspectives

Members across the globe responded

Members across the globe responded

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Members across the globe responded

This is our Association ecosystem today

Increasingly INSOL International is the meeting place of the restructuring and insolvency ecosystem – the place where academics, accountants, bankers, financiers, investors, judiciary, lawyers, mediators and regulators meet to connect, build capability and shape the systems we work within. We can strengthen our ecosystem by engaging more women, more students and early career professionals, members from the Middle East and more diverse roles across our industry.


Women make up 32% or survey respondents and 27% of our membership.

Gender balance is greater in the responses from Africa 1:1.1 and Latin America 1:1.3 than in Asia 1:2.4, North America 1:2.8 and Oceania 1:4.5.

Most members are mid career

  • Studying 1%
  • Early Career 7%
  • Mid Career 55%
  • Late Career 36%
  • Retired 2%

Industry retention

84% of respondents expect to be working within the industry in 5 years time

Members join from across the globe

  • Africa 10%
  • Asia 16%
  • Europe 33%
  • North America 10%
  • Latin America 14%
  • Oceania 18%

Most members are insolvency practitioners and lawyers

  • Academic 9%
  • Banker 5%
  • Insolvency Practitioner 56%
  • Investor 2%
  • Judicial 3%
  • Lawyer 39%
  • Mediator 4%
  • Regulator 1%

Insolvency practitioners work in

  • Divisions of large firms 35%
  • Large firms 11%
  • Medium firms 24%
  • Small firms 20%
  • Solo 10%

Future members

The majority of current members want the INSOL International community to include professionals from a greater diversity of roles within our ecosystem.

Explore a dashboard of results on our survey platform including perspectives from

Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America & the Carribbean, North America, Oceania, Women and Early career professionals