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You are facing disruption

Members across the globe responded

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You are facing disruption

Members are facing disruption in their work

We know the ranking of major disruptors will change with events, region and role. Members are looking to INSOL International for insight, capacity and collaboration to respond to global disruption.

Top drivers of disruption today

During our survey the top drivers of disruption today are the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery, digital disruption and technological change, local market changes, followed by geopolitical shifts

Report extreme disruption 5%
Report high disruption 26%
Report moderate disruption 48%

Members rated disruptions

Members experiencing extreme to moderate disruption rated COVID-19 #1, followed by Digital disruption and technological change, Local market changes and Geopolitical shifts in their top 4.

  • COVID-19 86%
  • Digital disruption and technological change 46%
  • Local market changes 45%
  • Geopolitical shifts 19%
  • Other 11%
  • Climate change and decarbonisation 8%
Let's look at the impact 78%
78% of members are facing extreme, high or moderate disruption
The new reality is disruption. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable everyday. - INSOL International Past President