We work in complex times

Accelerating disruption

Accelerating disruption

INSOL International leaders want INSOL to be a platform for member collaboration to understand industry trends and shape the tools and services of the future

Leaders are feeling the acceleration of innovation driven disruption.

Platform economy

The new platform economy and the growth of companies larger than nation states crowding out millions of small and medium enterprises

Digital currency

The rise of digital currency and the long run impacts on the international financial system and regulating to minimise criminal activity in addition to the practical challenges of tracing and collection for insolvency practitioners

Ethics in big data

Challenges, opportunities and ethics in managing big data as an asset

Cyber security

Insufficient digital literacy to manage cyber security, ubiquity of digital and smart solutions increasing our vulnerability to cyber attack

How do we innovate

Our capacity to drive rather than be crowded out by innovation – taking the lead in the role, application and design of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Digital divide

The digital divide in legal and business systems across developed and developing economies as digital transformation continues.

Digital disruption & technological change

Is in the top 3 disruptors for 45% of survey respondents. This varies by region.

  • Africa 42%
  • Asia 64%
  • Europe 45%
  • Latin America 36%
  • North America 53%
  • Oceania 33%
We need new ways to anticipate and respond - G36 leader

Strategy shaping question

How do we maximise global economic value at velocity?