We work in complex times

Climate change & decarbonisation

Climate change & decarbonisation

INSOL International leaders see other professions are playing their role in decarbonisation

INSOL International, our partners and members have a significant role to play.

Scale of transition

Recognition of the scale of the transition - that everyone needs play a leadership role, and the importance of global cooperation and leadership across systems

Existential risk of failure

Decarbonisation is increasing, and costs of transition are reducing, but impacts are here already, and our current trajectory will significantly overshoot 1.5 degrees of global warming

Transform or orderly exit

Practical implications for the transformation or managed exit of sunset industries and the role of insolvency professionals

Lessons from the pandemic

Opportunities to leverage lessons from national and multilateral approaches to COVID-19

How do we equip ourselves?

Strategic alignment - partners, members, and firms are discussing how to align programs and services to the task

INSOL Roadmap

An idea that INSOL International initiates a roadmap for maximising global economic value through policy, regulatory frameworks, capability and funding schemes to support businesses through the decades of decarbonisation.
If companies and industries fail to adjust they will fail to exist - Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of England 2019

Summary of IPCC research

Climate change is proven and impacts are accelerating

National commitments are increasing but do not match the Paris Agreement  

Threats to financial sustainability:

  • Severe weather damage to property, infrastructure & trade
  • Transition risk – costs, loss of value in capital stock and carbon intensive industries
  • Demands for compensation

International Panel on Climate Change 2021

Strategy shaping questions

What role do our members play in restructuring and turnaround for carbon exposed companies?

Can we set out a roadmap to maximise global value through decarbonisation?

Are we equipped for this role?