We work in complex times

Our humanity & how we get along

Our humanity & how we get along

A greater diversity of issues emerged just outside of INSOL International leaders’ top 3

The common thread might be the impact and importance of being human.

Gender equality

Research shows that gender equality builds and holds value whilst it meets human rights. It is relevant to everything we do. INSOL International can do better. We have made progress. Women members of INSOL increased from 21 to 26% since 2016. There is more work to do.

Diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion links to human rights, productivity and resilience. As a global organisation we need to include everyone, and recognise and welcome different world views.

Geopolitical shifts

Our members are at the forefront of the economic impacts of geopolitical shifts. Globalisation is being challenged, impacting the potential of global systems. Power is moving. We are seeing disruption of trade and movements of people and increased competition between nations. This means we need to build our global network, work more deliberately, with strategic partners.


Walls of self interest are rising, the illiberal left and polarising right, cancel culture, competing revisionisms undermine local and international cooperation. Too often there is a vacuum of inclusive leadership.

Demographic changes

The digital divide in legal and business systems across developed and developing economies as digital transformation continues.

Global governance

The challenges we face require global governance and greater global interoperability. This comes down to public interest and ethical standards. We have a role to play to ensure confidence in capital markets is maintained, policy is fit for purpose and ethical standards are followed.

Drive for greater community

The appetite to draw strength from community is a unifying theme in our conversations and the survey.


Solve their business challenges and opportunities in conversation with their professional business networks


71% of members say platforms for networking and collaboration are their #1 service priority so we can prepare for and respond to disruption


Nearly half of our members want to increase their participation in INSOL International. This is stronger for members who are early career at 70% and mid career at 53%
Creating community is the core purpose of associations - Past President

Sources of research

ecoDa: Five Corporate Governance Guidelines to accelerate change and sustainable growth in Europe

ecoDa: Five Corporate Governance Guidelines to accelerate change and sustainable growth in Europe

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The Gender Equality and Governance Index

The Gender Equality and Governance Index

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Strategy shaping questions

How does INSOL contribute to gender equality?

Can the quality of corporate governance contribute to more sustainable and competitive companies and a less polarised society?

What stance does INSOL International take when everyone is called to ‘lean in’​?