Global Insolvency Practice Course

An advanced educational qualification focusing on international insolvency. The qualification received will bestow a Fellowship from INSOL International.
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The Foundation Certificate

A postgraduate certificate programme aimed at inexperienced or new entrants to the insolvency profession.
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SARIPA Programme in South African Insolvency Law and Practice
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INSOL International is proud to offer two educational programmes aimed at providing both members and non-members with an opportunity to hone their skills in the insolvency arena. The two programmes are the Global Insolvency Practice Course (GIPC) and the Foundation Certificate in International Insolvency Law (FCIIL).

Global Insolvency Practice Course (GIPC)

This is INSOL International's flagship offering and has been running since 2010. This course is for more experienced practitioners and the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 25 for each class. The course is presented over a nine-month period, usually between October and June each year (although timing is largely dependent on the hosting of INSOL International's annual conference). Amongst other privileges, successful candidates are bestowed with the title of "INSOL Fellow" and lectures are presented by insolvency specialists from all over the world, including academics, practitioners and Judges. This is a face-to-face programme that requires attendance in person for the completion of the three modules. One of the main benefits of this course is the networking opportunities created by attendance of the programme.

For more information about the GIPC programme, the entry criteria, the benefits bestowed on successful applicants, course fees and the programme schedule, please click on the Global Insolvency Practice Course tab above.

Further information about the GIPC can also be obtained from Heather Callow: [email protected].

Foundation Certificate in International Law (FCIIL)

This is a new educational offering provided by INSOL International with the first group of students having started the course in September 2019. This is a postgraduate course aimed at inexperienced practitioners or new entrants to the profession, mainly in emerging market and developing jurisdictions (although applications are not limited to such jurisdictions). The Foundation Certificate is essentially a self-study course and is presented entirely online without the need to travel anywhere in order to complete the course and accompanying assessments. Successful candidates will receive the Foundation Certificate in International Insolvency Law, issued by INSOL International.

 For more information about the Foundation Certificate, entry criteria, fees and the structure of the course, please click on the Foundation Certificate tab above.

Further information about the Foundation Certificate can also be obtained from David Burdette: [email protected].

Professor Ronald W. Harmer Bursary

INSOL International offers a bursary in each class to enable a judge or a regulator from an emerging country to participate on the course. The bursary has been named the Professor Ronald W. Harmer Bursary to mark the enormous contribution made by Ron to academic learning in international and comparative insolvency law, most recently as a Professor at University College London, where he worked with Professor Ian Fletcher.

For details of the bursary please contact [email protected]

The Stephen Adamson Award

In association with Redress Solutions PLC

We are delighted to announce the creation of this new award which will be presented to the GIPC First in Class.

The award will ne made annually to the first in class of the Global Insolvency Practice Course (GIPC), in memory of Stephen Adamson, kindly sponsored by Redress Solutions where Stephen was a Chairman from 2007.  First and foremost, Redress is honouring Stephen's memory in a manner that reflects his connection with INSOL International.

Redress Solutions PLC is proud to honour the memory of Stephen through the GIPC where the future leaders of the profession he so loved are making their way in the turnaround and insolvency profession. Award Details