Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

INSOL International Financiers Group and SARIPA Joint Financiers Breakout Session

Thursday 2 November, Sun City, South Africa

Various tools are being used to address financial distress in the SA market, including informal restructuring and Business Rescue, however these processes can be drawn-out and costly depending on the complexity and conditions of the restructure. Section 155 of the Companies Act could be an alternative tool, however it is rarely used. With the number of companies in distress and the economic environment continuing to be depressed, is there now a place for Section 155?

Join us for this round-table discussion, where participants in the breakaway session can bring forward their experiences with the various tools to tackle financial distress, consider whether Section 155 could have been used as a preferable route, and what the sticking points are that has prohibited the use of Section 155 in previous matters.

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