Referral Contacts

Referral Contacts

As insolvency practitioners and turnaround specialists operating across the globe, we want to provide best advice whatever size firm we work in. 

We live in a time when the business and individuals we help operate across many jurisdictions, it is hard enough keeping up to date with legislation and best practice in our own jurisdiction never mind elsewhere. 

So, to help all practitioners and especially those operating in smaller firms get best value from their INSOL membership and provide best advice, we the SPC have created this helpful list of contacts of members of the committee and others willing to help provide advice and guidance to practitioners from other jurisdictions who need assistance in our own. 

My overriding personal philosophy is that we are all members of INSOL to firstly keep ourselves educated, secondly to help win work and thirdly for the fellowship, what can be better than members referring work to each other?

Peter Sargent, Chair
Quantuma, UK

Small Practice Membership Issues Committee

Peter Sargent
Matthew Ang
Ler Lum Corporate Restructuring
Jarvis Archer
Revive Financial
Pulkit Deora
Enterprise Chambers (Door Tenant)
Fernando Hernández
Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal
Lloyd Hinton
Insolve Plus UK
Helen Joyce
Bluestone Advisory
David Lewis
BDO Canada
Farooq Mann
Mann & Associaties
Andres Munanura
Sebalu & LuleUganda
Sophia Rolle-Kapousouzoglou
INSOL Fellow
Lennox PatonThe Bahamas
Lee ShinLim Chee Wee PartnershipMalaysia