Galdino & Coelho , Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados

Galdino & Coelho , Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados
Galdino & Coelho, Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados provides experienced and proven expert legal assistance in insolvency matters, as well as in the recovery of NPLs and distressed debt. Our firm also dedicates its practise to complex corporate and civil litigation and arbitration.

Our firm
The firm’s partners and attorneys have been working together for more than fifteen years in the most prominent civil and corporate cases in Brazil and, in 2013, decided to found a highly specialised boutique law firm, providing clients with crafted solutions in matters involving different industries. Galdino & Coelho, Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados is recognised by market players for providing, and assertively pursuing, creative solutions to difficult legal issues.
Our mission is to provide conflict resolution efficiently, effectively, and expeditiously through our expert legal counsel, dedicating to each project individualised attention that has resulted in constant overachievement and, in turn, generated continued business and client loyalty.

We have close to 100 partners and associates based in our Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offices, with strong academic backgrounds, many of them teaching and lecturing in some of Brazil’s most prominent universities.

Our Experience in Restructuring and Corporate Disputes

Galdino & Coelho, Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados regularly represents domestic and foreign clients as creditors and debtors in reorganisation and bankruptcy proceedings, cross-border insolvency cases involving Brazilian stakeholders and assets and other transactions involving assets in distress, as well as any related court and arbitral disputes. The firm has assisted companies across several sectors and with operations in multiple countries in restructuring over US$ 25 billion in debt, both in and out of court. 

For the past fifteen years, we have participated in Brazil’s most notorious reorganisation proceedings, such as Constellation, Oi, Samarco, Light, OGX, OSX, Eneva, Galvão Engenharia, Abril, Estre Ambiental, Leader, Viver, Eternit, Rede Energia, Viracopos, SuperVia, Delta Engenharia, TPI, Casa & Video and many others. 

Our firm has been responsible for successfully resolving corporate disputes before courts and arbitral tribunals involving Brazil’s largest corporations in sectors such as aviation, education, engineering, construction, oil & gas, retail, transportation, among others. Galdino & Coelho, Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados is also known for its outstanding track record before Brazil’s higher courts, including the Supreme Court, as well as the most relevant arbitration tribunals in Brazil and abroad.

We also provide legal advisory for banks, intermediaries, issuers, and companies in fundraising operations, with particular emphasis on fixed income and securitisation operations, often as solutions to relevant disputes and involving corporate reorganisation.
Galdino & Coelho, Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados is also widely regarded for its involvement in relevant distressed asset sales, such as the recent sales of Estre Ambiental’s landfill assets for US$ 160 million, Constellation’s interest in FPSO units for US$ 150 million and the sale of BVA’s distressed debt and NPL portfolio to Novaportfolio for over US$ 50 million.
Our Experience in NPL and distressed debt recovery
Galdino & Coelho, Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados is known for its experience in recovery of NPLs and distressed debt. We provide advisory to sellers and buyers in the selection and segmentation of NPL portfolios and legal due diligence. We also represent buyers in the judicial proceedings after the purchase of the portfolios/claims.
As a firm that is also specialised in dispute resolution, our team stands out in handling insolvency litigation, enabling us to apply aggressive and creative solutions in the litigation arena for the recovery of NPLs and distressed debt.
We represent clients with over US$ 600 million in NPLs and distressed debt, in several states spread out across Brazil. Our expertise has allowed us to recover over US$ 220 million in an average timeframe of 3 years. Some of our clients are Banco BTG, Banco Sistema, Enforce, Prisma Capital, Jive Investments, Canvas Capital, Farallon, JGP, RB Capital, Novaportfolio, Toro Bravo, Chimera Capital, Strategi Capital, Travessia Securitizadora, Virgo Companhia Securitizadora, ASA Investments, B2Cycle, among others.
Galdino & Coelho, Pimenta, Takemi, Ayoub Advogados was awarded with Latin Lawyer’s Deal of the Year for the Disputes category in 2016, for Oi shareholders’ three-forum jurisdictional dispute settlement, and for the Restructuring category in 2019, for Constellation Group’s US$ 1.5 billion global restructuring.
Market Recognition

“The firm's restructuring group is technically sound and tailored to perfection. With the expertise to match the surge in demand in recent years, the team has consolidated a refined legal prowess which has been years in the making. Above all, the team is competent and proficient at overseeing the most sensitive and intricate elements of corporate restructuring work for a loyal roster of clients. The group tailors its approach to deal with delicate matters with apt diligence. Its achievements in the insolvency sphere are remarkable for a mid-sized boutique. Such expertise has not gone unnoticed by a slew of well-known corporate organisations, with the team recently assisting waste management company Estre Ambiental through arbitration disputes and negotiations with public authorities concerning its court-supervised reorganisation.” Latin Lawyer 250 2023


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