The World Bank Group

The World Bank Group
The World Bank Group

The World Bank Group is the global standard setter, together with UNCITRAL, for insolvency systems and is the largest provider of technical assistance to governments on the design and implementation of insolvency systems.

INSOL International and World Bank Group work together on a number of initiatives. These include:

  • Africa Round Table & Latin America Round Table bringing together both public and private sectors to discuss issues around insolvency;
  • FAIR – the forum for Asian insolvency reform;
  • Legislative & Regulatory Colloquium which provides a discussion forum for legislators, regulators and the private sector
  • COVID 19 Global Guide – a comprehensive guide to COVID emergency measures around the globe.
  • Judicial Insolvency Programme, a comprehensive judicial educational programme for judges dealing with insolvency and restructuring cases.
  • Judicial Colloquium and Live Forums, together with UNCITRAL these are forums to allow judges from around the world to meet in a closed environment to discuss issues they face