6 big shifts to achieve our purpose & vision

6 big shifts to achieve our purpose & vision

6 shifts are relevant to each pillar and most strategies

They generate a set of principles for how we go about implementation, and what we measure to drive success.

Shift to a bolder global mindset

We are boldly inclusive. Our leadership and programs reflect the diversity of our membership. We draw on our diversity to connect and strengthen our Association. We are curious and open to the world view of colleagues with different experiences. Together, we are local, regional, global and networked.

Shift our value proposition to engage everyone in the restructuring and insolvency ecosystem

We are the place where academics, accountants,financiers, investigators, lawyers, legislators, mediators,and regulators meet to build networks and adaptsolutions and systems fit for our future.

Shift to include all global legal systems in INSOL's products & service and focus on their interoperation

Our community, education and advocacy is by and for professionals working in all legal systems and together we improve the interoperation of our systems and solutions.

Shift learning to equip our members for accelerating disruption

Our reputation for high quality education grows as we extend the scope of our technical products, build new products responding to emerging trends and partner to add leadership and practice management to equip you for the future.

Shift to influential innovator

We invest in research and market insights to ensure we are a valued partner for agencies, legislators and members shaping international and local systems. We engage our members in innovation that puts us in the driver’s seat.

Shift our model for greater impact

We realise the potential of our network and ambition by shifting the focus of our model to enabling collaboration across members and member associations, across roles in our ecosystem, across regions, through the G36 and Fellows and with our partners.

A well-functioning insolvency system can serve as a catalyst to promote entrepreneurship, access to finance and economic growth. Yet, many countries around the world have inefficient insolvency frameworks. That can be due to the lack of political will or the result of poor academic and policy debate. Fortunately for regulators, policymakers, individuals, and firms, INSOL International has emerged as a key actor leading debate and improvement. INSOL International is one of those institutions that make the world a better place. - Dr. Aurelio Gurrea-Martinez, Assistant Professor of Law and Head of the Singapore Global Restructuring Initiative, Singapore Management University