Strategy implementation

Strategy implementation

Join us in strategy implementation

We invite you to join your colleagues in strategy implementation. 

Task Forces will lead our big shifts

  • Diversity
  • Member Ecosystem
  • Advocacy & Think Tank
  • Global Capacity
  • New Model

Existing and new forums will be aligned to work with these Task Forces on strategy implementation. 

Member Associations, G36, and Fellows will be engaged in strategy implementation through dedicated groups, and ecosystem collaborations. 

Our Colloquia will be expanded to engage the full ecosystem

  • Academics
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Environment, Sustainability & Governance
  • Financiers
  • Insolvency Practice
  • Judicial
  • Legislative & Regulatory
  • INSOL Tech

Where ecosystem leaders in regions are active INSOL International will support you to establish Regional Advisory Councils and association infrastructure to meet your needs.

Asia Advisory Council

Africa Advisory Council

We will build on this Strategy Implementation page, with regular informal and formal reporting, visibility of task forces and programs, and opportunities to be involved.

How can I be involved?

Read INSOL 2030 and Member Insights.

Think about how you can join implementation – as a member, Member Association, G36 firm, Fellow, Partner

  • Give us feedback in the form below
  • Share the Strategy and your thoughts with your peers
  • Look out for and create opportunities to implement the 6 big shifts and get involved in or lead initiatives
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