Business Rescue - 2023 Recipients

Business Rescue - 2023 Recipients

INSOL International and SARIPA would like to congratulate the following persons who successfully completed the Programme in South African Business Rescue 2023 (all candidates are from South Africa, unless otherwise stated).

*   Indicates pass with merit / ** Indicates pass with distinction

Deidre Basson    (Tshwane Trust Co (Pty) Ltd, Pretoria)

Michael Blades*    (Standard Bank Limited, Johannesburg)

Gregor Adrian Böttcher*    (Deloitte & Touche, Cape Town)

Brandon Cole*    (Fairbridges Wertheim Becker, Johannesburg)

Stephan Daniel de Vries*    (Summit Trust, Cape Town)

Nyasha Mercy Gazimbi Mbanga*    (Lindizwe Scrap Metals, Durban)

Christopher Gibson*    (Advocates Group 21, Johannesburg)

Ramona Govender    (Johannesburg)

Alan Gullan    (Alwyne Partners, Cape Town)

Stefan Harmse**   (Absa Bank Limited, Johannesburg)

Russell Isakow    (PwC, Johannesburg)

Daniel Kangisser    (Standard Bank Limited, Johannesburg)

Njabulo Kubheka    (Absa Bank Limited, Johannesburg)

Fabien Gerard Langlois**    (Nimble, Johannesburg)

Deshmook Maharaj    (Desh Business Services, Midrand)

Joh-Mari Marais    (DT Consult RSA, Worcester)

Christiaan Jacobus Maritz    (Chris Maritz Attorney, Mafikeng)

Mary-Ann Zanele Mbewe**    (Nedbank Limited, Johannesburg)

Nkgadi Mogotlane    (Absa Bank Limited, Johannesburg)

Leelan Moodliar**    (Werksmans Attorneys, Cape Town)

Masego Mosadi    (CGIC, Mogale City)

Paula Müller*    (Procorp Solutions, Pretoria)

Lubabalo Ntlantsana*    (Absa Bank Limited, Johannesburg)

Darryl Reece*    (Fairbridges Wertheim Becker, Johannesburg)

Zinhle Sigasa*    (Nedbank Limited, Johannesburg)

Brett Weinberg**    (Fluxmans, Johannesburg)