Africa Advisory Council

Africa Advisory Council

Objectives of INSOL International's Africa Advisory Council

The Africa Advisory Council (AAC) was formed and launched by Scott Atkins, INSOL President, at the INSOL London conference in June 2022. 

The aim and function of the Africa Advisory Council (AAC) is to enhance and encourage active and ongoing interaction between Member Associations in the African region, fostering a strong sense of member engagement and collaboration. We further intend to assist and encourage the formation of new Member Associations in those jurisdictions that have very little active involvement at an organization level. 

The AAC will be arranging interactive engagements with members of African Member Associations and will use the Webinar virtual platform to bring together members across borders to discuss restructuring and insolvency issues that concern members in practice. 

In addition, the AAC intends to provide INSOL International's support to African Member Organizations to - provide comprehensive education and training opportunities to practitioners and stakeholders in order to enhance their knowledge and skills. 

Strengthen the ties between universities, students, academics, and non-government agencies in the region, facilitating productive collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

Support capacity development within the applicable insolvency and restructuring Regulatory Departments in each region to improve the regulatory environment at all levels. 

Advance and facilitate insolvency and restructuring systems within the African region, prioritizing the seamless flow of information and best practice, thereby empowering all pertinent stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and resources to successfully navigate these procedures into the future.

Welcome from the INSOL Africa Advisory Council

The INSOL Africa Advisory Counsel (AAC) Chairs recently recorded a short video for African members highlighting the following -

  • A brief synopsis of the roles and objectives of the AAC
  • What are the benefits of having a Member Association in your jurisdiction?
  • How to go about setting up a Member Association 
  • How INSOL International can assist in the process
  • Why is it important and beneficial to be a Member Association of INSOL International

Co-Chairs of INSOL International's Africa Advisory Council 

Eric Levenstein, Sonal Tejpar and Winne Kiryabwire

Council Members

Winnie Kiryabwire
Makerere University School of Law
Eric Levenstein
Republic of South Africa
Sonal Tejpar
Anjarwalla & KhannaKenya
Felix Addo GARIAGhana
Huns BiltooKPMGMauritius
Jose Manuel Caldeira
Sal & Caldeira Advogados
John Carr-Hartley
Armstrongs Attorneys
Adam Harris
Bowmans Law
Republic of South Africa
Okorie Kalu
INSOL Fellow
Punuka Attorneys
Taddese Lencho
Beate LochKoep & PartnersNamibia
Bradford Machila
Wright Chambers
Antonia Menezes
INSOL Fellow
World Bank Group

Jo Mitchell-Marais
INSOL Fellow
Republic of South Africa
Claudious Nhemwa
C Nhemwas and Associates
Karim TushabeRwanda Development BoardRwanda