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About the MENA Forum

A proven way to facilitate regional dialogue on the importance of restructuring regimes to address business distress is through the model of regional ‘Round Table/Forum’ discussions. INSOL International and the World Bank Group's Insolvency and Debt Resolution have jointly initiated a successful 'Africa Round Table' on insolvency frameworks since 2010, on which the MENA Forum is based. The objective of the MENA Forum is to: 

  • Foster high-level dialogue between private sector actors, policymakers, academia, and the judiciary on insolvency, creditor rights, and restructuring law in MENA.
  • Establish a forum for sharing experience and knowledge among international bodies, countries, and experts.
  • Promote insolvency and restructuring reform in MENA and encourage the establishment of an annual forum to stimulate discussion and learning among policymakers and professionals across the region.

Attendance is by invitation only. Participation is strictly limited to facilitate meaningful discussion between the relevant stakeholders in the region and to maximize the participation of a diverse group of jurisdictions and stakeholders.

Insolvency and restructuring systems play a major role in modern market economy development. Efficient insolvency systems enhance new firm creation, increase private sector size, encourage entrepreneurship, and positively impact the investment climate by promoting job creation and growth through productivity-enhancing capital reallocation from nonviable firms.

The MENA roundtable will cover diverse themes such as courts specialization in bankruptcy issues, tracing and recovery of assets, preventive action to save viable firms, capacity building for judges and judicial e-learning tools, the use of mediation and other ADR tools in insolvency, and no asset insolvency cases. The focus, however, remains on developing insolvency and restructuring regimes across the MENA region to facilitate private sector growth and investment.

The first MENA Forum on Insolvency Reform was hosted by the Ministry of Justice of Egypt in partnership with INSOL International and The World Bank Group on 19-20 June 2023 at the St Regis Hotel Cairo, Egypt. The event was also supported by supported by CLDP, SECO and UK Aid.

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