Kroll’s Restructuring Advisory practice works quickly and practically to identify issues, implement solutions and achieve results. We have the expertise to reposition companies and turn them around, and our toolkit helps extract value from difficult credit situations. We leverage our technical excellence and ethical standards to manage complex insolvencies and bankruptcies and provide timely insights into bankruptcy litigation proceedings through our breadth and depth of knowledge.

We combine global reach with industry expertise and local market understanding to identify and capitalize on the best solution to fit your needs. Our recent acquisition of Borrelli Walsh strengthens our capabilities for clients in Asia, the Caribbean and around the world. With Borrelli Walsh, Kroll now has nearly 400 restructuring professionals. In addition, the unique power of Kroll brings added cyber security and investigations expertise to your corner, giving you an edge in challenging or contentious situations.

We are independent and trusted by the world’s largest companies, lenders, asset managers and law firms. If you wish to access our experience, skills and technology, contact us to find out how we can help you

Areas of Expertise

Restructuring and Turnaround

Corporate advisory, operational restructuring, lender and creditor services, crisis management and more.

Corporate Finance

Including distressed M&A and special situations financing, private capital markets expertise and debt advisory

Cross Border and Contentious Insolvency

Including fiduciary services in complex insolvencies and bankruptcies, bankruptcy protection proceedings, forensic accounting and in-depth investigations

Bankruptcy Litigation

Management of insolvency-related disputes, expert testimony, financial advisory and more

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Contacts (By Country)

Cosimo Borrelli
Managing Director and Co-Head of Restructuring
Hong Kong +852 3761 3800 [email protected]
Sarah Rayment
Managing Director and Co-Head of Restructuring
United Kingdom +44 2070890910 [email protected]
Marcus Ayres Australia +61 282867228 [email protected]
Mathew Clingerman Bermuda +1 4412799001 [email protected]
Elaine Hanrahan British Virgin Islands  +1 2843939309 [email protected]
Colin Wilson British Virgin Islands  +1 2843939306 [email protected]
Mitchell Mansfield Cayman Islands +1 3457438805 [email protected]
John Ayres Channel Islands +44 1481810802 [email protected]
Ed Shorrock Channel Islands +44 1534603134 [email protected]
Kevin Song China +86 1058357166 [email protected]
Sam Tai China +852 37613865 [email protected]
Andrew Stoneman Gibraltar +350 58009321 [email protected]
Sharon Barrett Ireland +353 14720753 [email protected]
Declan Taite Ireland +353 14720740 [email protected]
Julia Wood Netherlands +31 208515117 [email protected]
Jacqueline Carmont Singapore +65 65899096 [email protected]
Jason Kardachi Singapore +65 66030795 [email protected]
Stefan Smyth South Africa 27 823148809 [email protected]
Alison Timme South Africa 27 781236528 [email protected]
María Luísa Castrillo Spain +34 919142606 [email protected]
Javier Ibanez Spain +34 919142636 [email protected]
Dominic Ayliffe United Arab Emirates +971 44496738 [email protected]
Sami Besbes United Arab Emirates +971 23067403 [email protected]
Rob Armstrong United Kingdom +44 2070890959 [email protected]
Michael Bills United Kingdom +44 2070894761 [email protected]
Eddie Bines United Kingdom +44 2070890806 [email protected]
Geoff Bouchier United Kingdom +44 2070894730 [email protected]
Stephen Clancy United Kingdom +44 1618279021 [email protected]
Paul Clark United Kingdom +44 2070894710 [email protected]
Mike Cooke United Kingdom +44 2070295493 [email protected]
Philip Dakin United Kingdom +44 2070894705 [email protected]
David Fleming  United Kingdom +44 1618279155 [email protected]
Allan Graham United Kingdom +44 7774215415 [email protected]
Martin Gray United Kingdom +44 1618279005 [email protected]
Paul Greenhalgh United Kingdom +44 1618279026 [email protected]
Matt Ingram United Kingdom +44 1212141130 [email protected]
Annika Kisby United Kingdom +44 2070295482 [email protected]
Mike Lennon United Kingdom +44 1618279022 [email protected]
James Liddiment United Kingdom +44 2070894915 [email protected]
Steve Muncaster United Kingdom +44 1618279004 [email protected]
Paul Reeves United Kingdom +44 1618279047 [email protected]
Jimmy Saunders United Kingdom +44 1618279014 [email protected]
Paul Smith United Kingdom +44 1618279164 [email protected]
Benjamin Wiles United Kingdom +44 2070894770 [email protected]
Joanne Wright United Kingdom +44 1618279168 [email protected]