INSOL Global Insolvency Practice Course Class of 2019 - 2020

Start of Class 1st October 2019

Module A: 25 - 27 November 2019 London, UK
Module B: 12 - 14 March 2020 Cape Town prior to INSOL Cape Town
The fee for the course includes the registration fee to attend INSOL Cape Town
Module C: 18 - 22 May 2020 - Virtual Court held in either New York, London or via video-conference

The Class of 2019 /2020 is now full and we are no longer accepting applications.  If you would like details of future class please contact Heather Callow - heather.callow@insol.org

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About the Global Insolvency Practice Course

The Global Insolvency Practice Course is a result of the large interest that the INSOL membership demonstrated for an advanced educational qualification focusing on international insolvency. The qualification received will bestow a Fellowship from INSOL International.

Modern business enterprises operate in multiple jurisdictions. The financial distress of a global business is no longer limited to a single jurisdiction and can no longer be addressed by a single jurisdiction’s insolvency system.

The fast growing number of cross-border insolvency cases and the adoption in many jurisdictions of rescue regimes and cross-border insolvency procedures present new challenges to the turnaround and insolvency profession. Practitioners and turnaround experts need to have extensive knowledge of the transnational and international aspects of the legal and financial problems facing a business in distress. The Global Insolvency Practice Course provides this knowledge.

The style of the fellowship programme is intensive, carried out over three short periods, so those taking the course must can dedicate the time and energy needed to get the most out of the opportunity. Many sessions are interactive and each requires the full attention of the participants.

Professor Ronald W Harmer Bursary

INSOL International offers a bursary in each class to enable a judge or a regulator from an emerging country to participate on the course. The bursary has been named the Professor Ronald W Harmer Bursary to mark the enormous contribution made by Ron to academic learning in international and comparative insolvency law, most recently as a Professor at University College London, where he worked with Professor Ian Fletcher. For further details please contact heather@insol.ision.co.uk

The Stephen Adamson Award
In association with Redress Solutions PLC

We are delighted to announce the creation of this new award which will be presented to the GIPC First in Class.

The award will ne made annually to the first in class of the Global Insolvency Practice Course (GIPC), in memory of Stephen Adamson, kindly sponsored by Redress Solutions where Stephen was a Chairman from 2007.  First and foremost, Redress is honouring Stephen's memory in a manner that reflects his connection with INSOL.

Redress Solutions PLC is proud to honour the memory of Stephen through the GIPC where the future leaders of the profession he so loved are making their way in the turnaround and insolvency profession. Award Details.


I participated in the GIPC in 2018-2019. In my view, it’s an outstanding programme. While I already had significant experience in cross-border, complex restructurings before the course, I still learned a lot and got a different, deeper perspective on the things I already knew. Maybe even more important though are the amazing classmates – excellent restructuring professionals from all over the world – who you get to know and build such strong, lasting ties with.

INSOL’s GIPC broadened my knowledge of global insolvency regimes and experience negotiating with professionals of diverse backgrounds. The opportunity for professional and personal connections is the most rewarding aspect of the program.
I was given the opportunity to be part of the INSOL International Global Insolvency Practice Course 2017-2018, through Ronald W. Harmer Bursary.

The Course is amazing because of the intensity of learning activities, complexity of issues analyzed and information provided, the extraordinary performances of trainers and speakers, but there a professional can find something more important: an environment encouraging people to become friends beyond possible boundaries between professions, different backgrounds and traditions. 

Communications through informal mechanisms provided by the Global Insolvency Practice Course, in the attempt to develop a community of professionals connected around the world into the idea of being "Fellow INSOL International", along with the principles and the proposals promoted by INSOL International through Strategic review of INSOL International - Taskforce 2021, they are ones of the most important programs and projects in the field of international insolvency.

As a judge dealing with insolvency cases and passionate about the domain, this experience gives me the courage to increase my effort not just for developing my own skills and enlarging my personal knowledge but also for trying to bring professionals from Romania and (why not) from South-East Europe closer to international insolvency community. 
"I wholeheartedly recommend the INSOL International Global Insolvency Practice Course to anyone who is interested in genuinely deepening their knowledge and experience of cross-border insolvency and, in particular, to understand better the opportunities, challenges and solutions offered by different regimes in other jurisdictions.  The course provides an unparalleled opportunity (and privilege) to work with and learn from exceptional practitioners from multiple jurisdictions and, in doing so, to develop fantastic relationships both within your cohort and amongst the Fellows network more broadly.  The content and structure of the course also forces you to develop a much more profound understanding of the insolvency regimes of other (key) jurisdictions than you would have the opportunity to develop on any conventional cross-border insolvency matter. My cohort were phenomenal and I thoroughly enjoyed the course."
Farid Assaf, Banco Chambers, Fellow, INSOL International Class of 2015 / 2016:

The Global Insolvency Practice Course offers a unique combination of practical focus and academic rigour. Taught by world-class academics and industry leading professionals, the course offers participants an invaluable opportunity to not only dramatically improve their knowledge of cross-border insolvency but also rub shoulders with the best of the best in global insolvency. Everything about the course was exemplary – from the written material, the lecturers and the tireless support staff – the Global Insolvency Practice Course exceeded all of my expectations for a post-graduate course. I cannot recommend the course highly enough and remain forever indebted to INSOL for an opportunity to complete the course and meet new colleagues and friends from around the world.

Benjamin Jones, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP, Fellow, INSOL International Class of 2014 / 2015:

The Fellowship course was an immensely rewarding experience, if not at times towards the end pretty intense! The teaching really takes off where the text books and cases end, giving you a first-hand insight from the experts of the law and practice of cross-border insolvency and the strategy and tactics that go into achieving successful cross-border insolvency proceedings and restructurings. ?What I most enjoyed was the camaraderie and insight of the other fellowship candidates. I can’t imagine any other forum exists for twenty practitioners from around the world, each working at the coal face of their local restructuring and insolvency markets, to get together over a number of months to discuss and debate in detail the intricacies of the international framework of insolvency law.

Johan T. Jol, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and Legal Houdini Academy, Fellow, INSOL International, Class of 2013:

"It is a unique combination of experienced law lecturers and practitioners from all over the world who are teaching not only theoretical law but also even more important daily practice of legal, economics and turnaround aspects of international restructurings and/or liquidations. The endgame is indeed a great finale to this learning experience".

David Molton, Brown Rudnick LLP, Fellow, INSOL International, Class of 2012

"This INSOL Fellowship course is wholly first class. It is professionally administered by INSOL International staff and taught by an exceptional, international faculty (comprised of academics and judges), all of whom are rocognised as leaders in their fields of discipline. the course work is robust, challenging and rewarding, and provides material value to insolvency practitioners and attorneys involved in cross-border issues. The hidden treasure of the course is, of course, the interchange, camaraderie and lasting friendships of the Fellow candidates that inevitably develop during the course. I would strongly recommend the course as a "must do" for anyone who is interested in and serious about cross-border insolvency issues."

+ Click here to download Australian Insolvency Journal Article - March 2009
Mahesh Uttamachandani, Global Product Specialist, Debt Resolution & Business Exit, World Bank Group

" The fellowship programme will be a very rewarding investment towards a successful career, both through helping the development of professional skills and through fostering a greater understanding of different jurisdictions cultures and systems"

Professor Ian Fletcher of University College London, a member of the Core Committee responsible for planning the programme

" Designed and taught by an international Faculty of highly distinguished experts, the INSOL Fellowship Programme offers a unique learning experience. It answers a long - felt demand for a benchmark qualification to identify those practitioners who are in the front rank of transnational insolvency practice in toady's challenging gloabl market place" .

D. Farrington Yates, Kobre & Kim LLP, Fellow, INSOL International, Class of 2009

"This program exceeded my expectations for level of instruction, content, and the commitment of my fellow participants. It has been a pleasure to be part of this class"

Stathis Potamitis, Potamitisvakris, Fellow, INSOL International, Class of 2009

"I found the course remarkably rewarding and interesting and the final module was perhaps the richest part of the course, overall. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate. I also found my fellow fellows a wonderful group, knowledgeable, friendly and energetic. The Faculty was obviously excellent, as were the judges. Overall, this course seems far better than other offerings I have come across."

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2018 - 2019

INSOL International is pleased to announce the tenth graduating class of the Global Insolvency Practice Course. The successful participants as of the 1st August 2019 will be formally recognised as a Fellow, INSOL International and will be presented with their certificate during INSOL Cape Town

Class of 2018 - 2019
Name Company Country
Flavia Andrade Tozzini, Freire Advogados Brazil
paul apathy herbert smith freehills australia
andrew eaton burges salmon llp uk
isabel picot franca galdino coelho mendes advogados brazil
stephen hair National Westminster bank uk
hamid khanbhai campbells cayman islands
samantha kinsey king & wood mallesons australia
marc kish ogier cayman islands
andrew koo ey china
debby lim shook lin & bok llp singapore
liv machado Tozzini, Freire Advogados brazil
david mcintosh dentons australia
sheila ng rajah & tann Singapore LLP singapore
pavel novikov baker & mckenzie - cis limited russia
jonathan ong shyue wen krys & Associates bermuda
paul quinn kirkland & Ellis hong kong
frederico de rezende F.Rezende Consultoria brazil
jason robinson kpmg cayman islands
hing lam alexander tang stephenson harwood hong kong
jo tay allen & gledhill llp singapore
miguel torres MMT - insolvency practitioners and company
Rescue experts
paolo vitale studio legale vitale italy
rob van den sigtenhorst florent  the netherlands
allen wilen eisneramper llp usa
maria yiasemides jones day australia