INSOL Europe (IE) - Europe

INSOL Europe (IE) - Europe
INSOL Europe (IE) - Europe

The Executive Committee for the year 2023/24 consists of:

President: Giorgio Corno (Italy)
Deputy President: Alice van der Schee (Netherlands)
Vice President: Frances Coulson (UK)
Chief Executive Officer: Paul Newson (UK)
Treasurer: Eamonn Richardson (Ireland)
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INSOL Europe was formed in 1981 to involve insolvency practitioners and advisers throughout Europe. The Association is governed by its Executive and Council.

INSOL Europe’s committees generate much of its work. The main event is an Annual Congress, hosted by a different country each year. A new committee designs the technical programme of each Congress. There is also a separate Technical Committee that carries out cross-border related studies referred by INSOL Europe’s Council, countries and other insolvency associations, INSOL International or its Member Associations.

Other events and courses include the Eastern European Countries’ Committee (EECC) and the High-Level Course on Insolvency, each held annually in different countries.

INSOL Europe’s committees include:

  • The Eurofenix Editorial Committee, chaired by Jose Carles (Spain) and Edvins Draba (Latvia) produces the quarterly journal, eurofenix.
  • Eastern European Countries Committee, co-chaired by Georges-Louis Harang (France) and Stela Ivanova (Bulgaria)
  • Sponsorship, chaired by Frank Tschentscher (Germany)
  • EIR Case Register, co-chaired by Reinhard Bork (Germany)
  • Academic Forum, chaired by Prof. Rodrigo Rodriguez (Switzerland)
  • Financiers Group, co-chaired by Florian Joseph (Germany) and Francisco Patricio (Portugal)
  • EU Liaison, chaired by Barry Cahir (Ireland)
  • Judicial Wing, co-chaired by Michael Quinn (Ireland), Eberhard Nietzer (Germany) and Nicoleta Elsbeth de Vos (Netherlands)
  • Anti-Fraud Forum co-chaired by Carmel King (UK) and Bart Heynickx (Belgium)
  • Young Members Group, chaired by José Carles (Spain) and Klaudia Frątczak-Kospin (Poland)
  • Turnaround, Restructuring and Insolvency Practitioners Group, chaired by Jean Baron (France), Robert Haenel (Germany) and David Soden (UK)
  • Constitution Committee, chaired by Georges-Louis Harang (France)
  • Insolvency Tech & Digital Assets Wing, chaired by Laurent Le Pajolec (Poland) and Dávid Oršula (Slovakia).
  • Membership Development Committee, co-chaired by Alice van der Schee (The Netherlands), Radu Lotrean (Romania) and Alberto Nunez- Lagos (Spain).
INSOL Europe has direct contact with the EU, contributing to studies relating to the business recovery, turnaround and insolvency process.

Membership is currently circa 1250 and is open to insolvency practitioners and their advisers (usually qualified lawyers, accountants or other insolvency practitioners), regulators, lenders, credit insurers, judges, academics and students. Many members also belong to kindred associations and are members of INSOL International.