Established in 1997, INSOL India is a pioneering organization that has emerged as a leading authority in the field of restructuring, insolvency, turnaround, and related areas in India. Born at a time when insolvency laws were virtually non-existent, INSOL India has grown into an independent leadership body, spearheading positive change in the industry for over than two decades now. With a rich legacy spanning twenty-six years, its mission is to continue playing a pivotal role in the evolution of the insolvency and stressed assets ecosystem in India, while also leading the development of professionals working in this critical space.

The Indian insolvency and stressed assets sector stands at a crucial inflection point, marked by ongoing discussions and initiatives aimed at fortifying the ecosystem, a crucial facet of India's economic growth aspirations. INSOL India is at the forefront of this transformation, with a particular focus on insolvency practice and ongoing professional education within the country. The organization is instrumental in shaping a robust insolvency regime in India, catalysed by the recent sweeping insolvency reforms. Its presence is deeply felt in both national and international forums where insolvency takes centre stage, making it an influential voice in the global conversation.

INSOL India's overarching mission encompasses the following:

  1. Policy Advocacy: Collaborating with policymakers and regulators to develop modern insolvency policies, legislation, and regulations.
  2. Research and Best Practices: Undertaking research and fostering best practices to set industry standards and drive continuous improvement.
  3. Knowledge Exchange: Facilitating the exchange of knowledge among diverse stakeholders, creating a unified platform for all those involved in the insolvency and stressed assets sector.
  4. Capacity Building: Building the capacity of professionals in the field through education, training, and skill development.
  5. Professional Development: Leading the charge in developing insolvency, turnaround, and restructuring professionals.
  6. Economic Value Restoration: Supporting efforts to restore the economic value of underperforming businesses, ultimately benefiting the Indian economy.
  7. World-Class Insolvency & pre-Insolvency regime: Dedicated to developing a world-class insolvency & pre-insolvency regime within the country, aligning it with global standards.
INSOL India has played a pivotal role in assisting, and continues to be instrumental in shaping, future reforms and amendments in insolvency law and practice, including cross-border insolvency and personal insolvencies. Its members, who are well-established practitioners, have actively contributed to evolving interpretations of insolvency laws, laying the foundation for 'insolvency jurisprudence' and influencing policy changes.

As part of its mission, INSOL India is committed to educating students and young professionals in insolvency and bankruptcy laws through various channels, including seminars, workshops, webinars, and an annual insolvency moot court competition in association with the National Law University, Delhi.

INSOL India is positioned to continue its significant role in the development of insolvency and bankruptcy laws and practices, supported by both academic rigor and practical expertise.

The Industry Best Practices Committee within INSOL India is unwavering in its dedication to setting and promoting industry standards, ensuring that insolvency practices in India are on par with global benchmarks. With its collaborative approach and an unwavering commitment to progress, INSOL India remains a key driving force behind the evolution of India's insolvency landscape, working diligently to establish a robust regime that reflects the best practices and standards both nationally and internationally.