Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Recuperacao de Empresas (IBR) - Brazil

Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Recuperacao de Empresas (IBR) - Brazil
Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Recuperacao de Empresas (IBR) - Brazil

IBR has existed for a short time and its history is brief. Yet, since it is a reality today, and more and more well known and acknowledged, it is worth devoting a few words to its first moments.

IBR emerged from a conversation between Justice Cristina Zucchi and Professor Paulo Fernando Campos Salles de Toledo. The idea was put forth by the Justice who spoke of the need to have a forum for discussion and study concerning the Bankruptcy Code at the time of its first application (January 2008), an idea that was immediately embraced with enthusiasm. As inspiration, she took the Tullio Ascarelli Institute, linked to the Department of Commercial Law of the Law School of the University of São Paulo, which has involved itself in legal issues since its foundation, thereby contributing to the development of Commercial Law in our country.

The next step was to invite another member to participate in this project – Lawyer Ricardo Tepedino, who was equally enthusiastic with the perspective of creating an institute orientated to the study of the Law of Companies in Crisis, and who went on to join the group.

Various meetings followed, in which the idea gradually gained shape. The structure of the entity, its purposes and characteristics were defined, a draft of by-laws was drawn up, and renowned professionals were invited to join the Institute that was to be composed.

Finally, in September 2008, a general meeting was carried out to incorporate the Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Recuperação de Empresas – IBR (the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Reorganization). Since then, the Institute has forged on, and has maintained constant and productive activities. Monthly discussion meetings have been held systematically since then, with the presence of members and guests.

Moreover, IBR has organised events (such as the Colloquium, a debate in which all participate side by side in a useful exchange of experiences – judges, public prosecutors, Brazilian professors and lawyers, and American judges all acting in the area of bankruptcy, and which has now been held twice). IBR has also provided support to conferences and seminars (among which are international meetings held by the Turnaround Management Association – TMA of Brazil – wherein IBR took part with exclusive panels). Noteworthy also is the book that was edited in 2012 (by the publishing house Quartier Latin) with articles written by IBR members, which we aim to be the first of a series.

More recently, in light of the amendments to the Brazilian Bankruptcy Law in the end of 2020, another book with comments to the insolvency legislation by IBR members was edited in October 2021 by publishing house Thomson Reuters.