Xiamen Association of Bankruptcy Administrators (XMABA) - China

Xiamen Association of Bankruptcy Administrators (XMABA) - China
Xiamen Association of Bankruptcy Administrators (XMABA) - China

Established in 2017, Xiamen Association of Bankruptcy Administrators (XMABA) is a joint and non-profit social organization formed voluntarily by institutions engaged in enterprise liquidation and bankruptcy administration, such as law firms, accounting firms and liquidation firms, and individuals, such as relevant lawyers and certified public accountants, that have been included in the list of administrators for the enterprise bankruptcy liquidation cases by Xiamen Intermediate People’s Court.
The purpose of XMABA is: to represent and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, reflect the demands of members, adhere to the principles of serving the society, running the association democratically and being independence, self-discipline and self-reliant, raise the awareness of the enterprise bankruptcy system and bankruptcy administrator system from all walks of life, and promote the steady and long-term development of enterprise bankruptcy and liquidation in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.
The business scope of XMABA:

  1. Publicize laws, regulations and policies on liquidation and bankruptcy;
  2. Organize members to carry out business training, experience exchange, academic seminars and other activities;
  3. Establish and improve the industry self-discipline rules for bankruptcy administrators, assist relevant departments to improve the industry supervision and evaluation mechanism, and participate in the formulation and revision of industry-related standards and implementation rules;
  4. Receive consultations on liquidation and bankruptcy matters and provide opinions and suggestions;
  5. Carry out other relevant work as entrusted by the relevant government departments.