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Launch of the INSOL International Asia Hub in Singapore

London / Singapore 5 August 2019

INSOL International today announced the launch of the INSOL International Asia Hub at Singapore’s Maxwell Chambers Suites.

This follows INSOL’s announcement on 3 April 2019 at the landmark INSOL Singapore Conference that INSOL would undertake its first ever physical expansion since the establishment of its London headquarters in 1982.

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Strategic review of INSOL International - Taskforce 2021

INSOL International are pleased to advise that we have recently mandated a strategic review of INSOL International. The group formed to undertake the review is known as Taskforce 2021. The areas of INSOL's review that form part of the Taskforce’s mandate are detailed in the attached documents.

Taskforce 2021 Summary


'Toward 2021': TASKFORCE 2021 BROCHURE