INSOL Focus: Retail and Leisure 

30 June 2020 - 4pm BST (GMT +1)

Moderator: Isabel Picot, Galdino & Coelho, Brazil
David Brown, Alvarez & Marsal, USA
Richard Fleming, Alvarez & Marsal, UK/Europe
Rafael Klotz, Gordon Brothers, USA
Patrick Nash, Kirkland & Ellis, USA

The COVID-19 disease pandemic does not affect industries equally. While countries across the globe entered lockdown or experienced strict social distancing measures, stores and facilities like restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, non-essential retails stores hotels were immediately forced to an (at least) temporary shut-down. It is precisely this remarkable concept of free movement of persons, people's ability to circulate, to travel, to have in person meetings and to take part in large public gatherings that directly nourish the chain of production and consumption of the retail and entertainment sectors.
The more severe an impact in a certain industry is, the more it requires discussions and efforts of various stakeholders that will help building a successful turnaround. Driven by the harsh issues that both markets are to face in the "beyond crisis" and "stay at home" stages, INSOL is promoting an "INSOL Focus on Retail and Leisure" to debate how these businesses are dealing and being modelled in the current challenging environment of the coronavirus outbreak. The webinar will focus on retail and leisure in Europe and the Americas.
The great art of Insolvency Professionals is their capacity to innovate. Profound uncertainties,  great changes to the general lifestyle and to consumer behavior, rapid acceleration of use of technology and digital transformations, sales decline, supply chain and real state impacts, the risk of resurgence of the virus: these are just a few among many other components that have been tackled in the context of the restructuring of these sectors and that have invited a deep and provocative debate -  David Brown, Patrick Nash, Rafael Klotz and Richard Fleming are going to share their views and experiences to contribute to enrich the - more than ever demanded – innovative restructuring solutions.

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