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Judicial Colloquium and Round Table meetings

INSOL International and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) have been holding joint Judicial Colloquia since 1995. In 2007, The World Bank joined INSOL and UNCITRAL to present the Seventh Judicial Colloquium and has continued to collaborate jointly on subsequent colloquia. The Colloquia are attended by Judges, civil servants from relevant Ministries and judicial administrators worldwide.

To complement these biennial Colloquia, INSOL International, UNCITRAL and The World Bank collaborate to organise regional Roundtables to encourage discussion at a regional level and enable a greater number of judges and justice officials to participate.

With the growth of cross-border trade, the number of insolvency cases where there are assets in more than one jurisdiction is continually increasing. This growth has implications for the demands placed on courts, not only with respect to number of cases, but also to their complexity and the need for an understanding of cross-border issues. 

These Roundtables are for judges, officials of justice ministries and regulators who hear insolvency or restructuring cases or who are involved in the development of insolvency laws and systems. 

The Roundtables will assist participants to understand the issues that arise in the handling of such cases. It will compare the judicial and juridical practice in dealing with practical and theoretical issues arising in cross-border insolvency cases in the different jurisdictions in the region with input from other jurisdictions involved in cases in that region. 

The last Judicial Round Table was held alongside INSOL London conference, June 2022.  We will be holding a small Judicial Round Table for the Asia Region alongside INSOL Tokyo on Tuesday 12 September. You can view the programme here.  Attendance is by invitation only. For further information contact [email protected].

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The Judicial Colloquia have taken place in Toronto (March 1995) ; New Orleans (March 1997) ; Munich (October) ; London (July 2001) ; Las Vegas (September 2002) ; Sydney (March 2005) ; Cape Town (March 2007) ; Vancouver (June 2009) ; Singapore (March 2011 and 2019) ; The Hague (May 2013) ; San Francisco (March 2015) ; and Sydney (March 2017). 

The Thirteenth Joint Multinational Judicial Colloquium on Insolvency took place in Singapore on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April 2019, prior to the INSOL Singapore conference. The Colloquium was attended by over 90 judges from more than 50 countries.  

The Fourteenth Joint Multinational Judicial Colloquium will be held alongside INSOL San Diego in May 2024.

For further information on attending the Judicial Colloquium please contact: Penny Robertson, [email protected]

INSOL Virtual 2021 Judicial webinar – Avalanche warning!

Moderator: Sir Alastair Norris, former Judge of the High Court of England & Wales
Judge Amanda Cohen BenchetritMagistrada Mercantil, Ministry of Justice, Spain 
Antonia Menezes, World Bank Group 
Mr Justice Richard Snowden, High Court of England & Wales 
Judge Christopher Sontchi, US Bankruptcy Court, District of Delaware 

With the withdrawal of government support (loans, grants for wages, payment holidays, restriction on enforcement of property rights arising from mortgages and tenancies) will we see such a rise in insolvency applications (bankruptcy, winding up, administration, voluntary arrangements) that we can anticipate an avalanche of work? What strategies might there be to cope with it?