Judicial Insolvency Programme

Judicial Insolvency Programme

INSOL International and World Bank Group Judicial Insolvency Programme

INSOL International and the World Bank Group have developed the Judicial Insolvency Programme to assist with the capacity-building of judges, primarily of emerging markets and developing countries, by accessing the institutions’ existing networks with the judiciaries of many nations as well as their global comparative expertise in insolvency systems. The focus of the training is on insolvency and restructuring law through a particular lens of court procedure and judicial analysis in this field.

To date, we have delivered the Judicial Insolvency Programme in Vietnam, Zambia, N. Cyprus, Rwanda, Mauritius, India amongst others.

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About the Judicial Insolvency Programme

Component 1 – Judicial e-Learning programme

The e-Learning programme is the first part of a broader two-part Judicial Insolvency Programme developed jointly with World Bank Group. While in the past, most trainings have been delivered on site, recently the two organizations have moved the introductory part of the curriculum into an online format in an effort to reach judges in a variety of countries and more remote locations. The new e-Learning programme and certificate of completion designed for commercial judges to help address the surge of insolvency cases resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. The first of its kind, this self-paced, two-hour, free programme, is online and has received extensive input from leading judges and experts, who have dealt with some of the world’s most complex insolvency matters. The programme is designed to deepen knowledge on the latest best practices and key principles of insolvency law to support court systems in resolving insolvency cases more efficiently and effectively.

Component 2 – Classroom style learning

The second half of the programme will be tailored to the domestic legislation and needs of each respective jurisdiction and will be delivered either remotely or in person by judges from other countries in order to ensure a “peer-to-peer” dialogue and discourse.

The Judicial Insolvency Programme covers the key principles, concepts, procedures, and challenges of insolvency law and uses examples of actual cases to illustrate the dynamics of insolvency proceedings. The course also includes video testimonials from insolvency judges in both civil and common law jurisdictions, sharing their experience and views from the lens of their own jurisdictions.

Structure of the Programme

The Programme is divided into seven learning modules and one assessment module:

•    Module 1: Introduction to Insolvency Proceedings
•    Module 2: Participants
•    Module 3: Standard and Effects of Commencing Insolvency Proceedings
•    Module 4: Reorganization or Liquidation
•    Module 5: Key Considerations in Reorganizations and Restructurings
•    Module 6: Liquidation
•    Module 7: Cross-border Insolvency
•    Module 8: Assessment

Course takers can receive a certificate of completion of the Judicial Insolvency Programme upon passing the assessment.

The Programme is hosted by the World Bank Group’s Open Learning Campus (OLC).

To register for the course and learn more about it, please email [email protected] or [email protected].