To achieve the goals of INSOL International, The Group of Thirty-Six was formed as the principal vehicle for its activities. The member firms provide significant ongoing financial support to INSOL to enable INSOL to carry out its collaboration with major projects such as those listed below:
Group of Thirty-Six Projects
  • + The World Bank Principles and Guidelines for Effective Insolvency Systems
  • + UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency
  • + UNCITRAL Legislative Guidelines on Insolvency Law
  • + IMF Report on Efficiency Insolvency Procedures
  • + Group of Thirty Report on “International Insolvencies in the Financial Sector?
  • + Group of Thirty Report on “Reducing the Risks of International Insolvency?
  • + UNIDROIT Convention on International Security Interests
  • + G22 Key Principles and Features For Insolvency Regimes

Technical Electronic Newsletter

All members receive our monthly electronic newsletter.

In these, we cover global case decisions, new and pending legislation, journal articles, news, deal information and any other information of interest to our members. The newsletter has a format that provides links to the full details of the articles.

In addition, the Group of Thirty-Six has enabled INSOL to publish:
  • + 2005 Global Marketplace Survey
  • + A Global Approach to Multi-Creditor Workouts
  • + Consumer Debt I & II
  • + Directors Liabilities and Disqualification – The Twilight Zone
  • + Review of the Global Insolvency Marketplace
  • + Cross-Border Insolvency a Guide to Recognition and Enforcement
  • + Creditors Rights in Insolvency Proceedings: A Practical Guide for Smaller Practices
  • + Directors in The Twilight Zone I - IV
  • + Deposit Insurance Systems
  • + Employee Entitlements
  • + Bank Insolvency: An International Guide for Deposit Insurers
  • + Financing in Insolvency Proceedings
  • + Credit Derivatives in Restructuring
  • + Treatment of Secured Claims in Insolvency and Pre-Insolvency Proceedings
  • + Claims Presentation and Resolution in Insolvency Proceedings
  • + Financial and Tax Consideration for Distressed Companies and their Creditors
  • + Guide to Islamic Finance
  • + Statement of Principles
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