INSOL 2030

Building capability

Building capability

Building capability

We will equip our members to respond to accelerating disruption by offering a compelling industry value proposition and future focused professional and technical education. Our education and learning will support you across your career journey. We will contribute to global individual, firm and system capability. 

The Building capability pillar stands on the strong foundation of our highly valued technical education, conferences and webinars, extending content across insolvency services, across all legal systems and into practice management and leadership. 

The Flagship Projects of this pillar are Capacity building with emerging economies and the INSOL Think Tank.

Broader technical education

Expand technical education to cover the restructuring and insolvency aspects of asset tracing, financing, mediation, judicial roles, legislation and regulation

Broader system education

Work with leaders in all legal systems to scan existing technical education and identify and fill gaps in global restructuring and insolvency education and interoperability between legal systems.

Capacity building with emerging economies

On invitation, work alongside regional leaders with partners to build capacity for networking, education and systems in regional restructuring and insolvency ecosystems.

Leadership & practice management

Respond to member interest in leadership,practice management and emerging trends withlearning offerings developed with partners andthe INSOL Think Tank.

Industry value proposition & workforce strategy

Work with Member Associations, G36, ecosystem partners and Fellows to build thevalue proposition for the industry, and for young professionals to join the industry.

INSOL Think Tank

Seek research and funding partners and investin a distributed research capability for rapidresearch, market insights and open innovation.

Research translation & innovation

Partner with INSOL Think Tank to translate recent research, market insights and innovation into education and learning.

The Global Insolvency Practice Course is a unique opportunity to develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to handle the complexity of modern cross-border insolvencies while forming enduring relationships with practitioners and counsel from around the world. Fellows events are highlights of my INSOL experience. - Laura R. Hall Partner, Allen & Overy LLP

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