INSOL 2030

Leading our association

Leading our association

Leading our association

We will shift our governance and operations to achieve the ambition of INSOL 2030 in our increasingly complex and accelerating world. We will leverage the appetite for connection, alignment and leadership across our network of communities.

The Leading our association pillar lifts programs across governance, operating and business models, membership, marketing, digital and systems, culture and values. 

The Flagship Project of this pillar is Brand & member experience.

Strategy & performance

Embed strategy implementation across the association with collaborative engagement, regular reporting and a focus on measures to drive success.

Align INSOL International to strategy

Engage with stakeholders to align governance, operating and business models to achieve strategy ambition and a global footprint. Nurture a culture of transparency, responsiveness and follow through within the bolder global mindset.

Global footprint

Integrate regional leadership and association infrastructure within the INSOL International governance, operating and business models with practical support for emerging arrangements

Brand & member experience

Refresh the brand. 

Resource a lifted member experience with clear and connected value propositions, pathways, experience planning and evaluation. 

Make it easier for existing members to attract new members. Introduce translation services and feedback loops. 

Amplify INSOL through partnership with industry media platforms.

Business systems

Lift investment in systems to support collaboration, increase productivity across a globally distributed association, enable more data driven decision making and ensure cyber security.

Sustainable Development Goals

Adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with relevant targets and actions.

INSOL International provides a dynamic platform to promote and encourage knowledge exchange and spark mutual learning processes, recognizing the pivotal role of innovation and sustainability. Combining these elements with visionary leadership allow us to remain relevant amid disruptive changes within the insolvency and restructuring environment. - Professor Juanitta Calitz, University of Johanessburg