INSOL 2030

Leading our industry

Leading our industry

Leading our industry

We will inform and influence a contemporary, interoperable restructuring and insolvency framework across legal systems that maximises value, is fit for the challenges ahead, and is adapted to local needs.

The Leading our industry pillar lifts our advocacy role, building a credible voice with and for our members, to shape and build trust in our industry.

The Flagship Projects of this pillar is are Advocacy capacity & impact and Advocacy partnerships.

Advocacy capacity & impact

Build an advocacy strategy and stakeholder network that leverages the insight and expertise of Member Associations, G36, Fellows and partners to expand the use of the Model Law and respond to the move to more informal solutions.

Advocacy partnerships

Activate and formalise partnerships with the World Bank Group, the Asian Development Bank, UNCITRAL and International Association of Deposit Insurers and others to increase advocacy impact

Model Law roadmap

Work with members to define and implement a roadmap to achieve increased interoperability between legal systems through the Model Law.

Decarbonisation roadmap

Engage members across the ecosystem to define the role for restructuring and insolvency in the decarbonisation of our economies.

Use this as a model for other domains such as regulating the platform economy, money laundering and crypto assets.

Research driven advocacy

Work with the INSOL Think Tank to develop a research agenda that is matched to INSOL International advocacy strategy and ensures that globally, regionally and locally INSOL International is equipped to be a valued strategic partner for legislators.

By building relationships with important global organisations such as UNCITRAL, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, INSOL International has put itself at the forefront of the development of global solutions to improve the resolution of cross-border insolvency cases. This leadership role, undertaken by the organisation and individuals is a role of which INSOL International should be proud.

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