INSOL 2030

Leading our community

Leading our community

Leading our community

We will engage a growing community and ecosystem with a bolder global mindset, diversity and reach. We will meet our members’ appetite to connect and align in communities and to collaborate to shape our capability and industry.

The Leading our community pillar is focused on our members and networks. It lifts programs for Member Associations, the G36, Fellows, Colloquia and focus groups and enables ecosystem wide collaboration.

The Flagship Projects in this pillar are the Diversity & inclusion, Regional Advisory Councils and Ecosystem partnerships.


Connect our ecosystem by expanding our membership and building networking opportunities into all programs

Member experience

Lift the experience, collaboration and impact of

  • Member Associations
  • G36
  • Colloquia & focus groups
  • Fellows
  • SMSE members

Diversity & inclusion

Work with members to lift the leadership, inclusion and impact of women, young professionals, and members from emerging and developing economies in our association and industry

Regional Advisory Councils

Work with ecosystem leaders in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East, North America and Oceania to help shape regional leadership and association infrastructure to meet regional needs

Ecosystem partnerships

Build networks across our ecosystem through partnerships with peer international associations in academic, accounting, financing, judicial, law, legislation, mediation, and regulation roles. Co-sponsor events, education and programs and lead advocacy to build a fit for purpose global system for restructuring and insolvency.

Member collaboration

Enhance our systems to offer resources, channels and platforms for collaboration to solve individual problems, and increase member impact across the profession.

There are huge benefits to the communities INSOL International is wired into. Take the African emerging markets as an example. The relationships are symbiotic. International and local perspectives are taken into account, processed and refined to align with developing international best practice, always mindful of individual needs and nuances. - Adam Harris Partner Bowmans

Review the Member insights that shaped our Strategy

Members across the globe responded

Members across the globe responded

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You told us you value INSOL International

You told us you value INSOL International

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