Africa Round Table on Insolvency Reform 2018

Polana Serena Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique 

25th – 26th October 2018 

ART 2018 Brochure

The 2018 Africa Round Table (ART) on insolvency reform hosted by INSOL International and World Bank Group, is to be held on 25th – 26th October 2018 at Polana Serena Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique. The theme for this year’s event is “Multinational Insolvencies in an African context”.

Since the introduction of the Africa Round Table initiative in 2010, the focus has been on introducing delegates across the continent to the various insolvency and restructuring tools that are available in an insolvency scenario, with the emphasis on encouraging and supporting insolvency reform. The themes of the events have ranged from value preservation to insolvency frameworks for micro, small and medium enterprises to examining how to encourage more effective implementation of insolvency regimes.  The focus, however, remains on developing professional ties with the goal of improving insolvency and restructuring regimes across the African continent.

With multinational insolvencies and non-performing loans (NPLs) increasing globally, but also across Africa, this year’s ART will focus on examining multinational insolvencies in an African context. Topics at this year’s ART will therefore explore issues surrounding the theory and practice of cross-border insolvencies in Africa, lessons learned from other jurisdictions and the standard setting principles in this field promoted by both the World Bank Group and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

The first day, Thursday 25th October will be by invitation only, with places strictly limited to enable real discussion between policy makers, judges, regulators, practitioners and lenders on insolvency reform across Africa. 
Participation in the INSOL Africa Round Table is by invitation only

ART Open Forum

The second day, Friday 26th October will be opened up to all those interested in and affected by insolvency reform in Africa.

This is to enable a greater forum for all stakeholders to engage in discussion and to learn from international best practice.

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