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INSOL 2030

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This strategy is a synthesis of 53 interviews and 510 survey responses received from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, North America, and Oceania. People who took time to imagine the future with us work, or have worked as lawyers, accountants, academics, judges, regulators, mediators, bankers or financiers, within Member Associations and within our partners UNCITRAL, the World Bank Group the Asian Development Bank and the International Association of Deposit Insurers.

For our President's insights into our strategy journey watch the video below.

You can also view an article published by the Global Restructuring Review here, where the key initiatives of INSOL 2030 are detailed.

This strategy is for all of us. It sets out the work that we will do together to equip ourselves for success. It responds to your priorities and enthusiasm for our association. I invite you to get involved, and to stay informed as we keep you up to date with our progress. - Scott Atkins, President INSOL International

Our purpose

A member driven network maximising economic value by improving global systems and solutions for businesses and industries wherever they are in the world through the deep expertise of our members.

Our vision

INSOL International is the global association for professionals in the restructuring and insolvency ecosystem operating in every country. Our members influence global restructuring and insolvency policy and practice, sharing a global perspective.

This is a strategy of big shifts to achieve our purpose and vision

We are making 6 big shifts to realise the ambition of our purpose and vision. These shifts are underway and will be acclerated.

Increasingly INSOL International is the global meeting place of the restructuring and insolvency ecosystem - the place where academics, accountants, bankers, investors, judiciary, lawyers, mediators and regulators meet to connect, build capability and shape the systems we work within.

Bolder global mindset

Ecosystem communities

All legal systems

Equipped for disruption

Influential innovator

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Our strategy is built on four pillars of leadership

The strategy is built on four pillars of leadership – Community, Capability, Industry and Association. Each Pillar has an overarching ambition and a roadmap of strategy initiatives.

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